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Haruka Kanata [entries|friends|calendar]
Haruka Kanata - A Naruto Cosplay Community

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floridas megacon [05 Dec 2012|12:28am]
hey i wanted to find out if and girls are going to megacon in florida in Naruto cosplay i would like to meet up with you and form a group as mine bailed on me because their friend (my ex-girlfriend) just dumped me please let me know
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cosplay =3 [06 Sep 2012|12:13pm]


This is me in kakashi cosplay :3

it's my most popular cosplay, i also cosplay Iruka, Mei and other versions of kakashi
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Naruto Props for sale [15 Sep 2011|02:41pm]
Latest naruto prop i made -have many for sale (also i do custom jobs)


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Cosplay! Great! Naruto Cosplay! Even Better! [19 Sep 2009|05:26pm]

Hi there! :) I'm fairly new to LJ and I've been looking for different communities to join to make new friends. :) I also cosplay so this community is perfect for me. Currently, I only have a Kakashi and Kisame costume, but hopefully I can make a few more characters. :) My avatar is my Kakashi and here's my Kisame:

You can find some more pictures of these characters + a few other cosplay photos on my Photobucket! :)

Sefiroso's Cosplay photobucket

Feel free to add me as a friend. :)
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Kurenai Yuuhi Cosplay [18 Nov 2008|11:32am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey all! I'm new to this community, and I've been cosplaying since the start of this year. I just thought I'd share a few pictures of my Kurenai cosplay. ^-^

Pictures under the cut...Collapse )

Thanks for viewing! Comments and tips/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Questions! Yayz! [29 Jul 2008|08:19pm]

Okay, I have a question for all you awesome people who design your own patterns from scratch...

Has anybody done an ANBU outfit yet? If so, how on earth did you do the...vesty thing? I'm looking at putting it together kind of like the top part of overalls, but this is a "oh, dear. Let's try this!" type of move, and if anybody has a better, more efficient/more intelligent way of doing it, I'd be really glad to hear it!

Also...what did you do for the forearm guards? I'm pulling a blank on that!!! (For a sign as to how desperate I'm getting...spray-painted duct tape on cardboard is starting to look attractive.)

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A lot of these are Naruto [13 Feb 2008|05:52pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Otherwise, I wouldn't post this here.

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Haruno Sakura Cosplay [05 Feb 2008|05:52pm]

Results from a photoshoot done in the Summer after Anime Expo 2007.

H. Sakura: Fighting Dreamer
by ~cynicalplushie on deviantART

H. Sakura: Wind
by ~cynicalplushie on deviantART

H. Sakura: Crouching Kunoichi
by ~cynicalplushie on deviantART

Originally, was going to be put under a cut, but DA's blog it feature is conveniently thumbnail size, so maybe this is alright?
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PINKIE SASUKE n ZETSU on crack [16 Jan 2008|11:22pm]

again, some cracks >w<

pinkie sasuke on crack and beware of hungry zetsu!> <a href=Collapse )
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Uzumaki Naruto Cosplay [06 Dec 2007|07:18pm]

I dont see how i could have missed a Naruto cosplay community =__=

Anyway, just a few pics of my Naruto cosplay ^__^

There are more on my DA

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cosplay photos - PINK SASUKE, lol [15 Nov 2007|01:23pm]

the greatest sasuke i ever seen.. eI'll die for him, LOL.... heheheh

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

cosplayed by Eldibo : www.tukanggalisumur.wordpress.com

coz sasuke is looooooovely...lolCollapse )
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yo [13 Nov 2007|07:38pm]

one day at this con in our area my friend wants to go as sasuke.
well, the outfits on ebay and ect are too much because we live in the usa and the shipping is crazy

so would this be okay as an outfit?

what do you think?

Shirt pattern(plus the collar we add on)

arm warmers That price isn't bad


The shirt?
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Kakashi [23 Oct 2007|07:45pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I went to my first anime convention earlier this month and discovered the glory that is Naruto thanks to almost everyone cosplaying a character, seeing a bit of the second movie, and a few skits during the cosplay contest.
And after I came home, did some research I figured that I wanted to really sew my costume and enter the cosplay contest as Kakashi.

Long story short, I've never sewn in my life (but my mum does so I'm sure she'll help) but I was wondering if this is a 'wise' move in terms of a difficult costume or not. I plan to start during my winter break and through the summer in time for next year.


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Ino: Shippuden [03 Oct 2007|10:32pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hi everyone,

A large group of friends and I would like to cosplay Naruto: Shippuden characters for Halloween stuffs, so you'll probably be seeing a lot of questions from me. XD

Anyway, I was wondering, could someone tell me where Ino now wears her forehead protector? I know it used to be her belt of sorts, which is how I made my old costume; but on the Shippuden manga pics, I can't find it anywhere. o_0 Everyone wears theirs in the manga/anime, right??


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Shippuden Tenten cosplay [23 Aug 2007|11:52pm]

[ mood | Happy ]

Two Shippuden Tenten cosplay posts in a row! Wheet whoo! (<--- that's my internet whistle) She's popular XD
Anyways! My first cosplay post here ^_^ I just came back from Anime Evolution 07 in Vancouver/Burnaby B.C. Canada. I had a total blast despite the lack of Naruto character (Paticularily Timeskip/Shippuden versions)
PICTURES!!! ^.^Collapse )PICTURES! ^.^Collapse )

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Sac-Anime. [18 Aug 2007|11:52am]

[ mood | sick ]

Yo. I'm new here. Sac-Anime was several weekends ago, and I went as time-jump Tenten.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Team Gai is love.Collapse )

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[17 Aug 2007|12:47pm]

Hi I'm new here but I just got back from a weekend at Anime Iowa 07 and felt like sharing since there was so many great Naruto cosplayers there. I cos-played as a character from Naruto too...kinda.

My Saturday morning Kiba cosplay

My Saturday afternoon (rather unique) Naruto costume

The whole Naruto photoshoot

Hope you enjoy!
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Bring out the Naruto Cosplay! [03 May 2007|02:37pm]


Austin Cosplay Defense Force and Ninja Pirate Anime Store proudly present the Ninja Pirate COS Play contest. Here's the official release!

"The Ninja Pirate is proud to announce that it will be having a Cos Play contest this Sunday May 6th at 2PM at the Ninja Pirate in Pflugerville, Texas. ACDF has graciously offered to judge the COS play event and the event is open to all.
First prize is $50.00 in store credit
Second prize is tickets to Ikkicon 08
Third prize is $10.00 in store credit
There will also be door prize through out.

The COS Play contest is part of the week long grand opening events at the Ninja Pirate. For those who curious the Ninja Pirate is your one stop shopping center for Anime, Manga, Anime related products, Comic Books, Games, Science Fiction and Fantasy. The Ninja Pirate is located in the heart of Pflugerville right off 1825 next to Pflugerville High School at 100 12th St Suite 105.
The Ninja Pirate is open Sun-Tues 11-8 and Wed - Sat 11-12 midnight.
Directions to the Ninja Pirate is fairly simple, get off at the Wells Branch (1825) exit off I-35 and stay on 1825 until you pass Pflugerville High School, make the next right into the shopping center with the Subway and Pizza Hut. We are the store in the middle of the shopping center. Our contact information is:
512 251 0110 or via email: ninjapiratetx@gmail.com

The Ninja Pirate looks forward to seeing all you at the COS Play contest."

See you there!

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Gaara 9th Naruto OP [14 Apr 2007|05:36am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Okay, I fell in love with this 'off-Naruto' Clothes from Gaara-san so~..
It seemes he's 'Cosplaying some toher Naruto-member..x,D
I decided to cosplay him with this outfit, maybe at AniC'07 in June/July..*smiles*
And here's comes my problems, since this scene with him is this short..
Doe's anyone has any other pitcures of him in those clothes?Oô
Than this?
I'm just a broken COLOR, in your KALEIDOSCOPE...Collapse )



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Sasuke hair [09 Apr 2007|01:53pm]

I truly apologize if this is not allowed, but right now I'm doing a quick post on my friend's computer.

Calling out all Sasuke cosplayers! Whether or not you have used your own hair or an artificial wig, I would be appreciated if you could list all of the hair products you have used to create Sasuke's hair (more specifically, the spiked part in the back). Such as, gel, hair spray, type of straightener if you needed to use one, etc.

I'm planning to cosplay as Sasuke and since I am planning to use my own hair for this, it would be awesome if I get more replies from people who did the same, but it isn't a must, any help will do! And also, I would like to know how short you cut your hair in the back - like was it above the shoulders, just on the shoulders, etc.

Click to see how I look!Collapse )

Oh, by the way, it would be AMAZING if people could provide me cosplay pictures of what they were talking about.
Thank you very much! :)
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